Revealed: Three Stock Photo Sites Where Your Competitors are Downloading Free High-quality Images for Their Blogs


When setting up your blog, pictures form an integral part of the designing process.  A blog without photos is less appealing and draws less traffic. However, not all bloggers are professional photographers; neither do they have the revenue to hire photography services.

It may be disheartening when you look at your competitors’ blogs, only to find they have high-quality images, yet they lack the above qualification. You could be wondering how they are accessing such images yet you have failed. This article reveals three stock photo platforms where you can easily access free, high-quality images to use in your blog. Here they are:

  • Burst

Burst is a free image source from the Shopify platform. The platform provides high-quality images to online entrepreneurs for free. As a leading e-commerce platform, Shopify helps clients operating online stores on this platform to access images for the products and marketing campaigns without having to spend extra dollars.

One of the benefits of these free stock photos from Burst is that they are original and free from copyright requirement. As such, you can use them at any place without fear of facing legal charges or including attributions.

  • Death to stock photos

Are you a blogger who frequently publishes content on your blog page? If so, you may be having a recurring demand for images for use blog post to boost their impression and attract more readers. However, getting free, high-quality images can be a mind boggling affair at some instances. Fortunately, Death to stock photos is here for you.

This platform sends you a pack of 10 high-quality images from particular category per month based on your niche of choice. As such, it saves your time as well as offers you a freedom of choice as you get a variety of images that you can use on when publishing articles on your website, blogs, or social media pages.

  • Unsplash

If you are seeking images with high resolution, then Unsplash is for you. This platform offers you free high-resolution stock images from different areas such as nature, wildlife, business, medicine, people, and family. Also, it brings together a library of images from photographers across the globe.

Currently, it has more than 200,000 free high-resolution images. To access them, all you need is to download your image of choice. No account opening required. However, you are requested to give credit to the person who uploaded that image although it is not mandatory.


All in all, you do not have a reason for uploading poor quality images in your blog page anymore. Visit one of these free stock photos platforms and select a picture that tallies with the content contained in your blog posts.

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