The Top 3 Places to Get Images to Use in Your Blog without Spending a Dime

Have you ever come across a blog without pictures? How was it? It must have been very boring indeed. As a blogger, images are an important part of your content. As the wise men put it, “a picture conveys more than a thousand words.” The same principle applies to blog writing. For your blog to be attractive, you must mix texts with relevant images or photos.

However, does it mean you have to invest in a camera or hire photography services? Not really. Here are the top three places you can get free images for commercial use in your blog:

a.    Flickr

Flickr is one of the leading photography websites. The site houses more than 13 billion photos. Also, it is affiliated to Yahoo making it a reliable source of images. This aspect enhances the possibility of better search engine ranking for your website. However, not all photos in Flickr are free to use. Some of them require you to pay some loyalty fee.

In this regard, you have to key in images with a creative commons license on the search button. With this search result, you can select free images for commercial use in your blog posts.

b.    Free images

Free image is a database containing more than 350,000 images. The site provides a gallery of images allocated in stock photos, searchable and categorized sections. As a blogger, you can download a free image that suits the content you are uploading on your blog.

Importantly, the site sets out favorite images as well as the recent photos featuring nature, wildlife, medical, business and people among others fields. As such, you cannot miss an image that aligns with your blog niche.

c.    Pixabay

Another site where you can get free images to use in your blog is Pixabay.  In comparison with other photography sites, Pixabay offers you flexibility since it does not have attribution requirements. Hence, you are allowed to use any image you download from this site for any purpose including making it part of your blog posts.

Also, it has simple search processes that make it easier for you to obtain your preferred image within a short time. The site offers you a chance to set the size of the picture which is an essential requirement when choosing images for blogging purposes.


Making an impression in your blog is fundamental. Images are one way of creating a positive feeling. The above sites offer you an opportunity to access free images to use on your blog. Hence, you do not have to spend money to create a lasting impression.

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