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Best Photography Websites to Sell Your Photos

With the emergence of Smartphones, more pictures are taken today than ever. However, the majority of people have no idea that they can make money off their high-quality photos. With the explosion of eCommerce platforms, many photography websites have mushroomed that can help you sell your elegant photos. Each website has a different payment system, but they offer a perfect opportunity to turn your captured images into cash without breaking sweat. Checkout Shopify’s free stock images. They offer many photos for your  website! Below is a highlight of photography websites you can leverage to sell your photos online:

   Istockphoto – One of the best photography websites with a great track record for selling photos

This photography website was launched in 2001 and has been a platform for selling photos since. Due to its length of service, it has built a rich network of photographers who contribute photos to the site. The site focuses on top-quality photos only, which is why any photo submitted is rigorously vetted before listing on the platform. It’s free to set up your account on this website. Just select the photos category and follow the prompts. They will evaluate your application, and you’ll take a short quiz to determine your proficiency in photography. You’ll then be required to upload samples of your photos for quality verification. Once you’re a member, you’ll receive 15% off any photo sold. But if you attain the exclusive status, your earning potential rises to 45%.

   Etsy – An incredible photography website that favors the photographer

While Etsy is known for selling custom Halloween costumes, wedding decorations, and themed gifts, you can also sell your high-quality photos. The fee on this site greatly favors the photographer. Etsy deducts a 3.5% commission on the sale price. However, you must be ready to put in the work if you want to benefit from this site. The reason: Not everyone coming to this site is looking to buy photos. This is why you must double your marketing effort if you’re looking to sell photos on Etsy. The good thing about Etsy is that it offers you a resourceful handbook that delves into the ins and outs of branding, marketing, pricing strategies and success tips. Etsy allows you to build your own store and customize it to supercharge your sales.

Boost your earning potential with SmugMug Pro photography website

SmugMug Pro is a magnet for photographers to sell their photos. It allows you to keep 85% of the sale price of any photo. However, there is a catch. You are required to purchase a Pro subscription to leverage the high royalty. The cheapest subscription is $12.50 a month. Free option doesn’t exist on this site. The process to be a member of SmugMug Pro is to sign up by submitting an email, username, and password. This photography website is ideal for entrepreneur photographers since you set the price for photos.

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500px Prime – A renowned photography website with a massive database of photographers

According to statistics by 500X Prime, well over 5 million photographers list their images on this site. The sales here are pretty impressive. A photographer pockets 70% for every license sold. A minimum license sells at $250. The website is advantageous to your personal brand as your photos may appear in big ad campaigns if you list them for commercial licensing. It’s pretty easy to be a member of 500px Prime. You can start with a free account, submit your top quality photos, launch your store and fill out the necessary forms for every image. Basically, you’ll choose between an exclusive and non-exclusive license for your photos. An exclusive license gives you the opportunity to earn more against the non-exclusive license.